Hello! My name is Jasper Jimenez and I am a 2D and Stop-motion animator with a passion for sound design currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. I have recently become interested in music as well! Up until now I have worked with every form of animation I’ve been able to access. I love to explore the relationships between different types of animation techniques and styles and how they can reflect the mindscapes of my characters. Transitioning from one media to another is a common theme in my work, and it’s something I’ll be continuing to do in my upcoming projects.

My most recent adventure and passion project that I’ve done has been working on and completing my latest short film “Goblin Socks”, a wacky , whimsical, nonsense compilation of character interactions between a funky little goblin named Sock, and his four fiendish friends who continuously prank him by taking away the very item that earned him his name. I love playing with identity in unconventional and at times, even silly ways, and love to tinker with both whimsy, and reality. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] . I am available for remote internships and work!

Young goblin, Sock is just trying to exist in the topsy turvy universe he lives in. Little does he know that a couple sticky fingered fiends have other plans in store for him.